Announcement and Results

  • Only institutional investors, as defined in Section 4A of the Securities and Futures Act (Cap.289), may apply for CMTBs.
  • Any application by an entity or person who is not an institutional investor will be rejected.
  • Applications must be submitted through Primary Dealers and be in time forPrimary Dealers to submit by the closing date of application
  • This is a public notice issued pursuant to Section 30 of the Government Securities Act
  • Please note that this SGS issue is a "Qualifying Debt Security" ("QDS") eligible for the tax incentives approved by the Minister for Finance for QDS issued up till 31 December 2023. More information on QDS incentives is available here.
  • Tax exemption shall not apply on interest, discount, break cost, prepayment fee or redemption premium derived from QDS issued up till 31st December 2023 by any non-resident investor who carries on any operation in Singapore through a permanent establishment in Singapore, if the debt securities are purchased using funds from Singapore operations. Persons who are not exempted from tax are required to declare their income received from the debt securities in their income tax returns. 
  • If MAS’ electronic payment system is not operating on the issue, application closing, coupon payment or redemption date, the transaction will take place on the next business day.
  • CMTBs are non-coupon bearing securities.