Investing in Singapore Government Securities and MAS-issued Securities

Step-by-step guide to investing in Singapore Government Securities (SGS) bonds, T-bills, Cash Management Treasury Bills, MAS Bills and MAS Floating Rate Notes (FRN). Find information on Singapore's bond market, the auction process and how to buy SGS and MAS-issued securities.

Understand Singapore's Bond Market

Get an overview of Singapore's economy, credit rating and bond market. View the market features, legislation and guidelines, and tax treatment.

User Guide for SORA Index, Compounded SORA and MAS SORA FRN (362.2 KB)

Choose Your Product

Compare the products available for individuals and institutions.

Compare Products for Individuals 

Compare Products for Institutions 

Understanding Auctions and Syndications

View the issuance calendar for planned auctions, and find out how auctions and syndications work.

Auctions - issuance calendar, auctions announcements and results

How Auctions Are Conducted

How Syndications Are Conducted

What Are Reopened Bonds 

What Are Mini-Auctions 

Manage Your SGS Investments

Calculate your returns and receive coupon payments.

Calculating SGS Returns 

Receiving Coupon and Principal Payments for SGS Bonds and T-bills 

Accrued Interest and Dirty Prices

SGS Bond Calculator - compute the expected return based on your target price or yield