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Who We Look For

Each year, MAS welcomes outstanding undergraduates and postgraduates with a keen interest in a public sector career within the financial industry to participate in our Internship Programme. Selected students will be attached to a specific department where they will work alongside experience MAS officers on specific projects that is integral to MAS’ core responsibilities.

MAS will provide you with an insight into the work and also allow you to feel the pulse of the organisation. Outstanding interns may also be considered for our Graduate Officer roles after their internships.

Meet our Graduate Officers, interns and scholars

Who is Eligible

We welcome outstanding undergraduates (Year 2 to Penultimate Year) and postgraduates from all disciplines of study (except Medicine, Dentistry and Architecture) to apply for our Internship Programme.

Our internship takes place minimally for 10 weeks in two respective windows, one during summer (May to September) and the other in winter (November to January).

Application Process

How to Apply

If you have a strong interest to experience a financial sector internship within the Public Service, seize this opportunity and apply now.

Shortlisted candidates can expect to be notified within a month.


Academic Background of Candidates

We recruit graduates from all disciplines (except Medicine, Dentistry, and Architecture). We value diversity and seek candidates with well-rounded backgrounds and a consistent track record of academic and non-academic excellence. We also look for qualities such as integrity, analytical ability, communication skills, enterprise, leader-ship, team-player qualities and the potential to grow with the organisation.

We do not have a preference for any particular discipline. We believe that tertiary education provides a good training of the mind and a sound foundation necessary for a professional career. Your adaptability and motivation coupled with the training available in MAS (both formal and on-the-job) would enable you to contribute positively to the organisation.
We want to build a diverse workforce that is multidisciplinary in nature. Our experience has shown us that engineers can contribute meaningfully to the work in MAS. What matters is that you must have a genuine interest to build a career with us. As for the quality of candidates, we maintain very high and stringent selection criteria for all candidates, regardless of discipline.

Definition of scheme/programme

MAS provides internship opportunities to both undergraduates (2nd to penultimate-year students) and postgraduates (with less than 1 year of working experience) interested in building a long-term career with us. Each year, exceptional students with an interest in a central banking career participate in our Internship Programme. Interns work on specific projects integral to MAS’ core responsibilities. The internship not only provides an insight into the work handled by MAS officers, it also allows you to feel the pulse of the organisation.

For internship (May – September or November - January), applicants could start ap-plying in Jan of each year. The closing date is around February of the same year.
It is open to both local students as well as students studying overseas.
Interns will work alongside experienced MAS officers on a project related to the department’s work. Guidance and on-the-job training will be provided to the interns. In-terns will be expected to participate actively in the projects and to contribute their ideas to the projects. At the end of the internship, interns would be required to submit an internship report and if necessary, to make a presentation to a management panel.

Interview Process

The Internship programme is part of our overall recruitment strategy. Its importance is reflected in the rigour of the recruitment process. The successful candidate will be assessed on aptitudes and his/her expressed area of interest. Shortlisted applicants will attend two rounds of interviews; (1) group discussion and (2) panel interview with HR and line managers. Where internship projects have been confirmed ahead of the interviews, applicants may also apply to a specific internship project, based on his/her interests.

Training and Career Development Opportunities

Candidates who have performed well during their internship may be accelerated into the Graduate Officer Recruitment process.

MAS is unique! Firstly, we focus on making policy for the financial industry alone – an industry that is rapidly evolving. Secondly, we don’t just look at one element of finance – we look at all of it. This gives our role lots of depth and breadth. We have broad oversight of Singapore’s entire financial industry, and Singapore’s economic position, in a way no one else has. It’s a broader perspective that makes the issues we think about important and intellectually challenging. MAS doesn’t implement other people’s policies – we make the policy, the plans and the innovations that shape our country’s financial sector – and the economy as a whole. At MAS, career advancement is based on merit. How far and fast you progress in the organisation depends on your performance and capability. Apart from vertical progression in the organisation, we also place emphasis on progressing you laterally across the organisation through job rotations. If you show the ability and the potential, you will be given varied opportunities for professional growth. Besides providing training & growth opportunities to each of its staff, MAS emphasises on teamwork and the notion that more can be achieved as a team. This has encouraged sharing and cooperation among colleagues that created a friendly environment to work in.