Enterprise Risk Management

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(CLOSED) Understanding Financial Sector Resiliency and Operational Risk in a Post-COVID World
Department Risk Management Department
Preferred internship window  Summer Internship: May to August 2022 
Description of Project Conduct cutting edge research on the latest risk trends and concerns in the evolving landscape of threats faced by global financial centres, how these threats can impact financial centres and financial firms, and how operational risk taxonomies have evolved to classify, identify and mitigate these risks.
Expected deliverables for the project 1. Conduct research on the latest risk trends in the landscape of evolving threats faced by financial centres
2. Understand how these threats are conceived and the ways they can impact financial firms and financial centres, and contextualise it to the Singapore financial sector
3. Conduct research and benchmark against latest operational risk taxonomies that have been developed to counter these threats, and identify areas of improvement for MAS’ own taxonomies.

This involves:
1. Refining the taxonomy to incorporate new or emerging operational risk types, deemphasise less critical ones, and streamline duplicative/overlapping risk types
2. Organising the taxonomy in a way that best facilitates risk assessments and discussions
3. Proposing innovative ways to present areas of interest and insights that straddle risk domains to management
Experience and/or skills that the intern(s) may gain from the internship  1. Metacognition – Challenge the way you think about risks in a dynamic environment
2. Research skills– Strengthen your ability to conduct in-depth research into the topic of interest
3. Information processing and analysis – Sharpen your ability to process and critically analyze information
4. Exposure – Gain awareness on the broad and dynamic range of threats facing financial centers and financial firms, and operational risk domains within MAS
5. Pitching – Hone your influencing skills as you test your ideas with colleagues and management
6. Unique opportunity to influence and strengthen the way risks relating to the financial sector are viewed in Singapore
Pre-requisites preferred from the intern(s)  Resourceful, clear thinking and communication, analytical, self-driven to find solutions,
Other Job Functions  Business Analytics, Operational Risks
Keywords related to the project Operational risk, Multi-disciplinary, Emerging threats, Business resiliency, Concepts and practice, Risk taxonomy, Risk reporting, Enterprise risk management
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