Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

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Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Automation
Department Technology & Cyber Risk Supervision Department
Preferred internship window  Summer Internship: May to August 2023 
Description of Project The intern will be exposed to the CTI life cycle of Intel Collection, Processing, Analysis and Dissemination. Intern will work closely with MAS officers from the Research and Intelligence team to explore and implement open source tools, and develop codes and scripts to automate the CTI processes for horizon scanning, IOCs enrichment, preparing weekly cyber reports on key insights, etc.
Expected deliverables for the project The intern will deliver solutions to achieve at least 2 process automations during the internship period.
Experience and/or skills that the intern(s) may gain from the internship 

Acquire working knowledge on the concepts and use of CTI for cyber defence.

Expose to the daily activities of a CTI analyst and gain hands-on experience on the implementation of open-source tools and code/script development to automate CTI processes and enhance CTI collection and analysis.

Pre-requisites preferred from the intern(s)  Keen interest in cyber security and/or CTI, possesses analytic skills and good programming knowledge in Python, VBA.
Other Job Functions  Robotic Process Automation
Keywords related to the project Cyber Threat Intelligence, Advanced Persistent Threat, Robotic Process Automation, Python, Cyber Security
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