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Our officers come from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, but they all share a common drive to learn and excel. You'll join an interdisciplinary team from fields ranging from economics, law and business to engineering, IT, people development and more.  

MAS Officer

Dave Teng

Corporate Finance & Consumer Department

At MAS, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a wide range of regulatory matters that concern the proper functioning of our capital markets and the adaptation of its rules to meet changing needs. I’m also grateful for the chance to work with colleagues who are dedicated and highly skilled; and who are concerned not only to do right, but to do good.

MAS Officer

Dawn Ng

Organisation Development & Communications Department

As a former marketer in financial services, I was first drawn to the challenge of working on the world’s largest FinTech festival that MAS organises. I joined MAS in 2018, and haven’t looked back since! At MAS, I have had opportunities to stretch myself in new areas of work, as part of our FinTech and Innovation Group, and my current department. Today, I get to help shape MAS as a great place to work at, through our organisation development and corporate planning work.


MAS officer 1

Lam Chee Hao

Financial Centre Development Department

MAS has given me opportunities to hone my competency through taking on different roles. In my previous roles in the Financial Supervision Group, I supervised a wide range of financial institutions. One of the highlights was to represent MAS in international forums on accounting and auditing standard setting. The appointment allowed me to contribute to the international supervisory community, enhance my specialist skills in accounting and develop public policy making skill. In my current role, I am developing diverse skillsets such as business development and marketing, while contributing to MAS’ growth strategies for the financial sector. 


MAS Officer

Sarah Yap

Banking Department

After having been in the banking industry for a few years, I was eager to find a job that would allow me to take on more meaningful work – work that has the potential to better the lives of the people around me. The work we do at MAS is so diverse and meaningful, and there are so many opportunities to learn new things, which is great motivation for clocking into office every day. My advice for mid-career folks who are interested in joining MAS - There is no lack of things to learn as long as you are willing and driven.

MAS Scholar Andrew Ang

Andrew Ang

Markets Policy and Infrastructure Department

MAS was a top option for me because of how important a role it plays in Singapore’s economy and financial sector – from the management of monetary policy to the development and regulation of the financial sector. My interest in the kind of work that MAS has to offer, coupled with my interest in economics and conviction in the important role of policy naturally led me to apply for the MAS Undergraduate Scholarship and pursue a career at MAS.

If a dynamic work environment and opportunities to develop depth in expertise are some of the things you are looking for, then I’ll encourage you to consider a career with MAS.

More generally, if you are keen to work at MAS, my advice is to not be afraid of working in areas that you may not be as familiar with or comfortable with. Instead, consider it as an opportunity to pick up new knowledge, learn more about your own strengths and weaknesses, and you may in fact also find yourself developing an interest in the area.

A version of this article was first published in BrightSparks Magazine July 2023 [MAS Scholarship - Shaping the Capital Markets Landscape | BrightSparks July 2023 e-Magazine ]. Republished with permission from Kariera Group Singapore Pte Ltd.

MAS Scholar Huang Yiheng

Huang Yiheng

Reserve Management Department

It began with an interest in mathematics and economics, which naturally connect to finance given the increased linkages between financial markets and the economy. The Global Financial Crisis also piqued my curiosity about the financial industry and a career in financial regulation.

As I learnt more about the industry during my studies, I decided to specialise in quantitative finance during my post-graduate education as it best suited my interests and strengths.

I was drawn to a career in the public service and wanted a specialised role that would allow me to apply my interests and strengths. At the same time, I also hoped to have some variety in my job scope throughout my career.

As an economics student in junior college, I was acquainted with MAS’ role in formulating and implementing Singapore’s monetary policy. At a scholarship fair, I also learnt about the wide range of roles that MAS plays, as a central bank and a financial regulator. This seemed like a good fit for me, and with the impact of the Global Financial Crisis fresh in my mind, MAS struck me as a place where I could really make a difference.

A version of this article was first published in BrightSparks Magazine February 2023 [MAS Scholarship - A Career Worth Investing In | BrightSparks February 2023 e-Magazine ]. Republished with permission from Kariera Group Singapore Pte Ltd.

MAS Scholar Elliot Yeo

Elliot Yeo

Payments Department

Our work impacts both the safety and soundness of the financial sector, as well as on consumers who are customers of the financial institutions that we regulate.

I believe that MAS’ efforts in improving the risk controls and practices of banks lead to fairer treatment for consumers and a more secure financial system in which people in Singapore can have confidence in when conducting their individual and business dealings.

While the workload can be demanding, I find it fulfilling and intellectually stimulating. There is no lack of excitement, and I’m continuously given opportunities to learn new things and grow in my understanding of the challenging world we live in.

Due to the unique role of MAS as the financial regulator, financial centre developer and central bank, there is a range of functions in MAS to suit the varying interests of its staff - economic research, prudential policy, supervision of financial institutions and sustainable finance, just to name a few. 

A version of this article was first published in BrightSparks Magazine July 2022 [MAS Scholarship - Regulating with a Purpose | BrightSparks July 2022 e-Magazine ] when Elliot was in Banking Department I. Republished with permission from Kariera Group Singapore Pte Ltd.

mas officer

Fan Jia Rong

Monetary and Domestic Markets Management Department

From a young age, I had been fascinated by global economic events and the financial system. Wanting to create deeper impact, I came to understand the role of MAS in driving and shaping Singapore, and realised that MAS is an organisation where I could apply my interest for the greater good. Under the MAS Scholarship, I trained in Economics at the LSE, and Finance at Princeton University. 

At LSE, I had the privilege of learning from the former Chief Economist and Deputy Governor of the Bank of England. Meanwhile, at Princeton, I was able to learn from quantitative traders and hedge fund managers about current topics such as high-frequency trading and the characteristics of Asian capital markets. 

The economic and financial landscape is constantly evolving, and the issues that MAS officers work on are increasingly complex and cross-cutting in nature. I am glad that my training and internships prepared me for my work with MAS, which has ranged from examining the financial stability implications of climate change, to crafting MAS’ Covid-19 response to support the local economy and ultimately the lives of Singaporeans. 

My work in MAS is intellectually stimulating and rewarding, and I know it has a tangible impact on shaping Singapore’s economy and financial development. 

A version of this article was first published in BrightSparks Magazine Feb 2022 [MAS Scholarship - Regulating Finance | BrightSparks February 2022 e-Magazine ] when Jia Rong was in Macroprudential Surveillance Department. Republished with permission from Kariera Group Singapore Pte Ltd.

Chew Jia Yi - Assistant Director, International Department

Graduate Officer, joined in 2013

With a business and accounting degree, the natural career path was for me to join accounting firms or banks after graduation. Similar to my peers, practical considerations over remuneration, career prospects and promotion mattered, yet a part of me yearned to do something more fulfilling – to make a difference for a greater cause, no matter how small a role it might be.

This was the reason why I decided to join MAS in 2013. The opportunity to contribute to the financial industry of Singapore, as well as to improve the daily lives of Singaporeans, appealed to me.
I first joined the Capital Markets Intermediaries (CMI) Department. As a young officer, there was a lot of guidance given by my bosses and colleagues, and the journey was enriching. I had to develop technical knowledge on MAS’ regulations, regulatory instruments and policy positions on the various issues, make legislative amendments to reflect new policy intent, conduct inspections on CMIs, and understand new business models in order to license and supervise new entrants. The work was meaningful as I could see the direct impact and value of my work for e.g. imposing certain regulatory or enforcement actions against CMIs/individuals for lapses/misconduct so as to protect ordinary Singaporeans, including my parents, from their egregious conduct.

After 4.5 years in CMI, I was given the opportunity to join the Regional Division of the International Department (INT) in 2018. One of the highlights of my time here was Singapore’s ASEAN Chairmanship where my team was involved in the ASEAN Finance Ministers’ and Central Bank Governors’ Meeting in April 2018. I vividly recalled two weeks into the job, I had to represent MAS at an ASEAN working-level meeting and to explain what MAS’ exchange-rate centred monetary policy is. The learning curve was steep, but it has been a rewarding experience.

On top of gaining exposure to various topics that cut across the different departments in MAS, I also had the opportunity to participate in discussions on issues of strategic interests to MAS or Singapore. That enabled me to form a holistic view of how each department’s work links up and contributes to MAS’ overall mandate.

Teo Hong Sen - Associate, Enforcement Department

Graduate Officer, joined in 2018

Trained in analytics under the School of Business in NTU, the opening for an analytics role in MAS’ Graduate Officer program piqued my interest. The notion of being able to contribute not just to an organisation, but also to Singapore, was intriguing. Thus, I joined MAS as an officer in the Enforcement Department (ENFD) in 2018.

In my department, we focus on regulatory breaches that warrant more rigorous investigation as they pose higher regulatory or market conduct risks. Specifically, I am responsible for the use of analytics to support the detection of abusive, manipulative or illegal trading practices in the capital markets, particularly for breaches of market misconduct offences under the Securities and Futures Act (SFA).

MAS’ vision for transformation is for the organisation to be digital, agile and efficient. As with any transformation journey, there are bound to be new initiatives that require changes to the way we work. Often, changes in business processes do not occur smoothly due to inertia. However, after my time here in MAS, I am glad to say that these worries were unfounded. My department is very open to innovation, with constant discussions on how we can leverage technology to improve processes and serve the public better.

One example of such an initiative would be the Augmented Intelligence (AI) tool known as Project Apollo. This project was memorable as it was the first project assigned to me after entering MAS. In essence, Project Apollo is a tool used alongside other analytical frameworks in the triaging of cases for review and investigation. As it is able to automate some of our manual processes, our officers are enabled to perform higher-value work. The support from ENFD and their willingness to explore new ways of doing things better played a key role in the successful implementation of this project.

MAS’ vision for transformation can be seen and felt in all aspects of our organisation. I believe that this conducive environment will provide fertile ground for new initiatives to develop, and ultimately benefit MAS and the public we serve.

Dania Kamaludeen - Associate, Financial Markets Development

Graduate Officer, joined in 2019

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” This quote resonated strongly with me as I embarked on a job search in my final year of undergraduate studies. What career will I find meaningful? What am I passionate about? For me, it was my desire to serve the society and to play a role in shaping Singapore’s financial sector. My internship programme in 2018 reaffirmed my decision to join MAS as a Graduate Officer.

As part of the Financial Markets Development Department (FMD), I work together with a team of dynamic, passionate officers to shape Singapore’s financial markets. There is never a boring day in FMD – our work is exciting, unpredictable and fast-paced. Our day-to-day job involves actively monitoring global and industry trends and developments, as well as formulating strategies to strengthen the competitiveness of Singapore’s financial markets. We also collaborate closely with the industry for opportunities to grow and position Singapore as a leading international financial center.

One key area of growth that my team is looking at is green finance. In simple terms, green finance seeks to encourage the adoption of environment-friendly activities, with a view to mitigate climate change. Given that climate change is a global existential threat, we need to ensure Singapore’s financial sector remains resilient to environmental-related risks. Beyond managing risks, Singapore can also play a role in mobilising green finance to serve the financing needs in Asia and beyond.

As a MAS officer, I have the exciting privilege to address these issues and drive efforts in “greening” Singapore’s financial sector. I strongly believe that finance can serve as a force for good, and continue to play a key role in the global efforts to mitigate climate change. Thus, it is imperative that we continually develop innovative strategies to ensure that Singapore’s financial sector is well poised to support and lead sustainable developments in the region through green finance.


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