Mid-Career Professionals

MAS welcomes talent of diverse backgrounds and experiences. Find out about the candidates we look for, your career progression, remuneration and how to apply.


Grow professionally with this combination of training, growth opportunities and dynamic work life.

Who we look for

MAS believes in building a diverse, multidisciplinary workforce. We recruit candidates from all academic disciplines, including fields such as:
  • Economics, finance and accountancy
  • Law
  • Actuarial science and risk management
  • Business management
  • Engineering
  • Maths, statistics and the sciences
  • Information technology
  • Human resources

What matters is that you have a genuine interest to build a career with us. Your adaptability and motivation coupled with the training available in MAS would enable you to contribute positively to the organisation.

Application Process

How to Apply

Explore our available positions and send us your application. You can choose to put in multiple applications for different roles.

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Shortlisted candidates can expect to be notified within a month.