MAS' Response to COVID-19

Learn about MAS' actions to support the Singapore economy and ensure the stability of our financial system amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Support Measures

Read about the details of the support which includes FAQs, related news or notices, and contact information for each support measure.

Latest update: On 24 June 2021, MAS and the financial industry announced an extension of the support measures for individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Tier 1 and 2 sectors that continue to face financial difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Latest News

Date Title
29 Jun 21 Further Extension of Temporary Measure to Allow for Electronic Dissemination of Rights Issue and Take-over Documents
25 Jun 21  MAS Extends Training Support Measures to Foster Skills Development in New Growth Areas 
24 Jun 21  MAS and Financial Industry Further Extend Support Measures for Individuals and SMEs in Tier 1 and 2 Sectors 
26 Nov 20 Measures to Enhance Job Readiness and Job Retention in Financial Sector 
12 Oct 20 MAS extends facility to support lending by banks and finance companies to SMEs 
5 Oct 20 MAS and Financial Industry Extend Support Measures to Allow More Time for Individuals and SMEs in Need to Resume Loan Repayments
29 Sep 20 Electronic Dissemination of Rights Issue and Take-over Documents Extended to 30 June 2021 
3 Sep 20 MAS Enhances Access to Liquidity Facilities to Strengthen Banking Sector Resilience 
30 Jul 20 MAS Announces Extension of the US$60 Billion Swap Facility with the US Federal Reserve and the MAS USD Facility
15 Jun 20  Safe Transition to Phase Two of the Re-opening for the Financial Sector
3 Jun 20 Additional Loan and Cashflow Support for Landlords and Businesses Affected by COVID-19
19 May 20 Safe Re-Opening of More Customer Services in the Financial Sector
13 May 20 New S$6 Million Grant Scheme to Support Singapore FinTech Firms
6 May 20 Electronic Dissemination of Rights Issue and Take-over Documents Allowed Until 30 September 2020
30 Apr 20 MAS and Financial Industry Provide Additional Support for Individuals
20 Apr 20 New Facility at interest rate of 0.1% to help banks and finance companies lower cost of loans to SMEs
17 Apr 20 MAS Urges Customers to Minimise Visits to Premises of Financial Institutions
16 Apr 20 New Measures to Help REITs Navigate Operating Challenges Posed by COVID-19
13 Apr 20
Additional Guidance on the Conduct of General Meetings During Elevated Safe Distancing Period
9 Apr 20
MAS Urges Use of Digital Finance and E-Payments to Support COVID-19 Safe Distancing Measures
9 Apr 20
MAS Extends Digital Bank Assessment Period in view of COVID-19 Pandemic
8 Apr 20
MAS Launches S$125 Million Package for Financial Institutions and FinTech Firms to Strengthen Long-Term Capabilities
7 Apr 20 MAS Takes Regulatory and Supervisory Measures to Help FIs Focus on Supporting Customers
7 Apr 20 MAS Clarifies Loan-to-Value and Total Debt Servicing Ratio Rules for Residential Mortgages and Mortgage Equity Withdrawal Loans
3 Apr 20 Essential Financial Services Remain Available Amidst Tightened Safe Distancing Measures 
1 Apr 20 Comments by MAS on Covid-19 (Temporary Measures) Bill 
31 Mar 20 ACRA-MAS-SGX Update Guidance on General Meetings
31 Mar 20 MAS and Financial Industry to Support Individuals and SMEs Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic
30 Mar 20 Monetary Policy Statement
25 Mar 20 Guidance on Safe Distancing Measures for Issuers when Conducting Meetings
23 Mar 20 MAS Tells Financial Institutions to Adopt Safe Distancing Measures
23 Mar 20 Date of Release of Monetary Policy Statement
19 Mar 20 MAS Announces US$60 Billion Swap Facility with the US Federal Reserve as part of Coordinated Central Bank Actions
13 Mar 20 Singapore Financial Markets Functioning Well Despite Heightened Volatility
14 Feb 20 MAS Welcomes Measures by Financial Institutions to Support Customers Facing the Impact of COVID-19
9 Feb 20 MAS Advises Financial Institutions to Adopt Recommended Measures for DORSCON Orange
5 Feb 20 Comments by MAS on the Monetary Policy Stance