Singapore Currency

Find out the history and security features of Singapore currency, guidelines for using images of Singapore currency, currency regulations and information about commemorative and numismatic currency. 

Our Role

MAS took over the currency issuance function following the merger with the Board of Commissioners of Currency, Singapore (BCCS) in October 2002.

All currency notes and coins issued since 1967 by MAS and the former BCCS are legal tender in Singapore, and are fully backed by MAS’ assets.

MAS also does the following:

  • Works closely with banks, security couriers and appointed contractors to ensure efficient and effective distribution of the Singapore currency, and the availability of the currency to meet public demand.
  • Administers the Currency Act
    • The Currency Act provides for the legal tender status of the notes and coins issued by MAS in Singapore.
    • It also contains provisions relating to Singapore currency matters such as mutilation (damage) of Singapore notes and coins, reproduction of images of Singapore currency and confiscation of counterfeit currency.