Security Features of Singapore Polymer Currency Notes

Polymer notes are printed on a specialised polypropylene plastic that is derived from petroleum, and this material is not available commercially for security control. The material starts as a clear plastic film, which is produced using unique patented production processes. The clear film is coated with multiple layers of materials, on which the features of the notes can then be printed. During the coating process an extensive range of security features are incorporated.

The polymer notes have security features unique to the polymer technology such as the Complex Clear Window. All polymer denominations ($2, $5, $10) have the same security features as set out below.

$10 Polymer Note

Look security features

Complex Clear Window
Genuine Description

A see-through window with a multi-tonal image

Embossed Clear Window
Genuine Description
A clear window with the denomination numeral embossed in it, with repetitive patterns of the denomination numeral on the top and bottom.
Shadow Image
Genuine Description

A watermark-like image of the late Encik Yusof bin Ishak is visible when viewed with transmitted light.
Security Thread
Genuine Description

A security thread in the shape of the Singapore island.
Perfect Registration
Genuine Description

The Singapore Lion symbol appearing near the watermark is printed simultaneously with the same image on the front and back of the note. When the note is held up to the light, the Singapore Lion symbol on the front registers perfectly with the image on the back.
Intaglio Microtext
Genuine Description

The text "MONETARY AUTHORITY OF SINGAPORE" is in micro-letters above the four official languages of the word "SINGAPORE" on the front of the note. To the naked eye, this appears as a single line but the details can be seen legibly with the aid of a magnifying glass.
Reverse Intaglio Microtext
Genuine Description

When magnified, the text "MAS" in micro-letters in the shadow of the denomination numeral can be clearly seen.
Offset Microtext
Genuine Description

Front of the note - When magnified, the text "MONETARY AUTHORITY OF SINGAPORE" forms a continuous pattern inside the denomination numeral.
Back of the note - When magnified, the text "MAJULAH SINGAPURA" forms a continuous pattern.
Ultra-Violet (UV) Visible Features
Genuine Description

This feature, in the form of the denomination numeral of the note, is present on the front of the note. It is invisible under ordinary lighting condition but glows brightly under UV light.
Fluorescent Ink
Genuine Description
The fluorescent pigment on the serial numbers and the seal on the front of the note glows brightly under UV light. This feature also appears on some parts of the designs on both the front and back of the note.
Asymmetrical Serial Numbers
Genuine Description
The asymmetrical serial numbering style has progressively larger digits in adjacent positions. One of the serial numbers appears horizontally, the other vertically. The serial numbers both glow under UV light.

Tilt Security Features

Stylised Gold Patch
Genuine Description
The stylised gold patch in the shape of the Singapore Lion symbol, with the texts of the denomination of the note across it on several lines, has an image of the Singapore Arms that will appear at varying angles.

Feel security features

Intaglio Portrait
Genuine Description

The portrait of the late Encik Yusof bin Ishak dominates the front of the Portrait series notes. Hand-engraved and printed in intaglio ink, the portrait serves as a unique anti-counterfeiting feature. The fine lines of the engraving are difficult to imitate or reproduce.
Intaglio Prints

Genuine Description

The intaglio (raised) printing gives the note an embossed feel. Widespread use of this intaglio printing on the Singapore Arms, the engraved portrait, the word "SINGAPORE" and other areas offers good overall tactility. The prints are finely done so that tiny details are clearly defined. The intaglio printing of the denomination numeral of each note also helps recognition by the visually handicapped.
Each note has a Braille pattern printed in heavy intaglio ink at the top right corner of the front of the note, so that visually handicapped users can recognise the different denominations by touch.