Using Images of Singapore Currency

Find out the conditions for using images of Singapore currency and how to apply for permission to reproduce any currency notes or coins.

The table below sets out certain actions relating to the use of Singapore currency notes or coins in advertisements, merchandise or products that require the permission of MAS, and certain scenarios where permission is not required (according to sections 20(1) and 20(2) of the Currency Act 1967 and Gazette Notification No. 2078 of 11 August 2006 (22.7 KB)).

When Permission is Required When Permission is Not Required 
Use any photograph, drawing or design resembling any currency note or coin (“reproduction”), or any part of it, in any advertisement (if the Conditions, as defined below, are not met).  Use any reproduction of any currency note or coin, or any part of it, in an advertisement (if the Conditions, as defined below, are met)
Import, manufacture, sell, circulate or distribute any merchandise or product containing a reproduction. 

Import, manufacture, sell, circulate or distribute the following containing a reproduction for:

  • A publication for educational purposes or in connection with any news, factual article or report.
  • A machine designed to receive currency notes or coins, which displays a reproduction for the sole purpose of illustrating the kind of currency note or coin that the machine is designed to accept, and how the note or coin is to be inserted into the machine.
Import, manufacture, sell, circulate or distribute any merchandise or product containing any design, or any part of it, used in or on any currency note or coin.  Not applicable 

Conditions for the Reproduction of Currency Notes or Coins ("Conditions")

When using a reproduction of Singapore currency notes or coins, you:

  • Must maintain, and not detract from, the dignity, integrity and image of a note or coin.
  • Must not use images of notes or coins in a way that they could be mistaken as genuine.

Requirements for reproducing any currency notes or coins:
Reproductions of currency notes and coins:

  • Must not distort the images of the President or any national symbol.
  • Must not show the note or coin in a manner that is offensive or against public interest.
  • Must be printed on material that can be unambiguously and easily be identified as different from coins, paper notes or polymer notes.

In addition, reproductions of currency notes:

  • Must be depicted proportionally when enlarged, reduced in size or to be viewed at an angle.
  • May be depicted at various angles, provided that where the whole note is depicted flat to the camera, the reproduction must contain the word "SPECIMEN" in black and bold lettering diagonally across the reproduction without covering any part of the portrait. You may refer to the example below.
  • Must, if the reproduction of the currency note is not in electronic form (e.g. hardcopy brochures and books), be:
    • at least 150% of both the length and width of the genuine note when the image is enlarged; or
    • not more than 60% of both the length and width of the genuine note when the image is reduced in size.
    • Must not be double-sided, i.e. the reproduction should be blank on its reverse side to avoid giving the impression that it is a genuine note

Example of a Reproduction

The following picture shows an example of a reproduced $10 portrait polymer.



Note: If you suspect that an image of a currency note or coin has been inappropriately reproduced, you should make a police report and notify MAS. 

How to Apply for Permission

You may apply for permission via the online feedback form. Your request should include the following information:
  • The final design of the reproduction.
  • Your reasons for reproducing the image of the currency note or coin.
  • Your contact number.
MAS will inform you of the outcome of your application via email or phone.

Note: You will be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $2,000 or to an imprisonment term not exceeding 3 months, or to both, if you are found guilty of committing any of the acts set out above without MAS permission.

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