Detecting Counterfeit Notes and Coins

Find out what to do if you discover counterfeit Singapore notes or coins.

The number of counterfeit notes in Singapore is very low and occurrences of counterfeit Singapore notes are isolated incidences.

This is due to the number of varied security features that MAS has built into the Singapore notes to combat counterfeiting. The counterfeit Singapore notes were of poor quality and mainly of the $10 polymer notes and $50 paper notes.

In the case of counterfeit coins, the numbers and occurrences are extremely low and rare.

Nevertheless, the public is advised to be vigilant and to familiarise themselves with key security features to distinguish genuine notes from counterfeit ones. Find out how to

identify genuine notes.

If You Come Across Counterfeit Currency

If you have any doubt as to the genuineness of a Singapore note or coin, please do not hesitate to approach MAS to have it verified.

The passing of counterfeit notes or coins is a criminal offence under the Penal Code. Retention of counterfeit notes or coins is also an offence under the Penal Code.

If you have discovered or received a counterfeit note or coin, you should report it immediately to the nearest police station or to the Commercial Affairs Department at telephone number 6325 0000.