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A leading pan-Asian asset management and domiciliation hub that gives investors access to global opportunities.


Located in the heart of fast-growing Asia, Singapore has positioned itself as a developed pan-Asian asset management centre with a conducive environment for asset managers and asset owners to locate and hub their investment activities.

We have a strong pool of regional and global players offering and managing traditional and alternative investment strategies using Singapore as a gateway to source for and access regional investment opportunities. Asia Pacific accounts for the significant bulk of funds sourced and re-invested into.

Singapore is also an attractive location for global public investors and asset owners, such as sovereign wealth and pension funds, to access public and private market opportunities across Asia and ASEAN. In addition, to position Singapore as a leading fund domiciliation hub, MAS and ACRA launched the new Variable Capital Companies (VCC) framework in January 2020 to provide a new corporate structure for investment funds which seeks to facilitate the co-location of fund managers’ substantive fund management and domiciliation activities in Singapore.

Asset Management Survey - Annual survey of asset management activities in Singapore.

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Key Facts

Singapore is a leading asset management hub for institutional investors and fund managers to access pan-Asian opportunities.

Ravi Menon, former Managing Director, MAS
Connecting Global Markets, Supporting Asia’s Growth 

Regulations and Guidance

Fund managers are regulated under the Securities and Futures Act  as fund management companies or venture capital (VC) fund management companies.

VC managers are under a simplified regulatory regime that takes into account contractual safeguards already present in typical contracts negotiated by VC managers’ sophisticated investor client base.

Licensing and registration for fund management

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