Singapore Quick Response Code (SGQR)

SGQR is the world’s first unified payment QR code. It combines multiple payment QR codes into a single SGQR label, making QR payments simple for both consumers and merchants.

What is SGQR

A single payment QR code that combines the payload details of different electronic payment schemes that a merchant or business accepts. This is supported by a central infrastructure that facilitates the creation of a single merchant presented QR code that can be multi-tenanted, depending on a merchant’s choice of accepted payment schemes. The SGQR scheme is co-owned by MAS and IMDA. For more information, see SGQR infographic.


Benefits of SGQR

For consumers

  • No more confusion with multiple QR codes at merchants. Simply look out for the standardised SGQR label
  • Look at the bottom of the SGQR label to see which payment options the merchant accepts

For merchants

  • Less clutter at storefronts; Only need to display a single SGQR label instead of multiple labels
  • Infrastructure light payment solution. There is no need for clunky point-of-sale terminals to start accepting e-payments for your business

How it Works

Upon successful payment, you should receive an almost immediate payment notification. Similarly, the merchant should receive a notification as well.

Other Related FAQs

No, there is no extra cost for consumers when using SGQR to make payment.

Anyone owning a mobile phone with a camera and data connectivity, and an account appropriately setup with e-payment options will be able to make payments via SGQR so long as the merchant supports their choice of payment.

Consumers can remember the simple line to Pick, Scan and Pay.

Consumers should first Pick the payment logo from the SGQR label to identify which payment methods a merchant accepts. This is similar to how consumers are able to identify which card payment methods are accepted at merchants today.

Consumers can then select the relevant payment app on their mobile phones, Scan the SGQR code, and then Pay.

SGQR Infographic

If you experience problems with your payments at an SGQR label, please discuss the issue first with the merchant or contact the relevant payment provider to provide your feedback.

SGQR can be found at more than 100,000 merchant acceptance points today, across retail stores in shopping malls or food stalls at hawker centres. Merchants that accept payments via SGQR will have an SGQR label in their stores.

If tourists are able to onboard as users of payment schemes that are part of SGQR, they would be able to make payments using these payment apps at stores that accept SGQR.