Singapore Quick Response Code (SGQR)

SGQR is the world’s first unified payment QR code. It combines multiple payment QR codes into a single SGQR label, making QR payments simple for both consumers and merchants.

What is SGQR

It is a single standardised QR code for e-payments and combines multiple payment schemes into a single SGQR label. Consumers just need to look out for the SGQR label to see which payment options a merchant accepts, while merchants only need to display one SGQR label instead of many labels. The SGQR scheme is co-owned by MAS and IMDA.

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How It Works

Anyone owning a mobile phone with a camera and data connectivity, and an account appropriately set up with e-payment options will be able to make payments via SGQR so long as the merchant supports their choice of payment.
Upon successful payment, you should receive a near-immediate payment notification. The merchant should receive a notification as well.

What is SGQR+

SGQR+ is designed to provide interoperability among different payment schemes for QR acceptance at merchants. SGQR+ allows merchants in Singapore to accept payments from a wide variety of payment schemes in a convenient and cost-effective way, through a single merchant acquirer.

Objective of the Proof of Concept (POC)

To showcase the ability for merchants to receive live, real-time, interoperable payments, a POC for SGQR+ is being conducted from 1 to 30 November 2023, at the Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) venue and in the Changi vicinity (i.e. Districts 16 and 17). Consumers can pay at selected merchants in these locations using any payment app partnered with Liquid (as a switch operator) or NETS (as a master merchant acquirer). At the same time, merchants only need to maintain a relationship with a single preferred primary acquirer to allow their consumers to pay with their preferred payment app.

Who are the POC Participants

The key participants and stakeholders of the POC are:

POC Participants