SGQR: For Merchant Acquirers

Merchant acquirers may apply to join the SGQR scheme as SGQR members, in order to generate SGQR labels for the merchants they service. Find out how to be an SGQR member.

How to Apply

The SGQR membership is only open to the following entities: 

  • A financial institution holding a licence under the Payment Services Act 2019 (“PS Act”) that entitles the FI to carry on a business of providing a merchant acquisition service.
  • A payment service provider exempted under section 13 of the PS Act from holding a licence to provide merchant acquisition service, which will include a bank.
  • A public authority under section 3 of the PS Act

If you meet the above criterion and would like to apply, you may submit your request with the subject title “Query on SGQR Membership” through our Online Feedback Form .

SGQR Industry Task Force

In August 2017, the Payments Council established an industry taskforce to develop a set of common payment QR code specifications for e-payments in Singapore. The Council noted the proliferation of more proprietary payment QR codes at merchants risked fragmentation of payment solutions and inefficiency among merchants and consumers.

The SGQR taskforce is co-led by MAS and IMDA, and consists of SGQR members along with other international payment schemes and technology providers.

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