Singapore Quick Response Code (SGQR)

View the list of SGQR members your business can contact to start accepting SGQR payment.

SGQR Members

List of SGQR members that your business can get in touch with to start accepting payments via SGQR.

SGQR Members
  1. Alipay Singapore E-Commerce Pte Ltd
  2. American Express International Inc Singapore Branch
  3. Attraction International Fintech Pte Ltd
  4. Bank of China Limited Singapore Branch
  5. CC Financial Services Pte Ltd
  6. Cheer-win International Holding Pte Ltd
  7. Citibank N.A. Singapore Branch
  8. DBS Bank Ltd
  9. DinersPay Pte Ltd
  10. e-Buy Information Technology (International)  Pte Ltd
  12. Beeconomic Singapore Pte Ltd (FavePay)
  13. FlexM Pte Ltd
  14. FOMO Pay Pte Ltd
  15. Gpay Network Pte Ltd
  16. GT Dollar Pte. Ltd.
  17. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited
  18. Liquid Group Pte Ltd
  19. MatchMove Pay Pte Ltd
  20. Maybank Singapore Limited
  21. Mobile Community Tech Pte Ltd
  22. Aleta Planet Pte Ltd
  23. Network for Electronic Transfers (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  24. Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited
  25. Paynow Pte Ltd (BeePay)
  26. Paywho Pte Ltd
  27. Razerpay Pte Ltd
  28. SeaMoney (Payment) Pte Ltd
  29. Singapore Sports Council
  30. Sinopay (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  31. Smartpay (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  32. Standard Chartered Bank
  33. Sunpay Tech Pte Ltd
  34. Telecom Equipment Pte Ltd
  35. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
  36. United Overseas Bank Limited
  37. Uniweb Pte Ltd
  38. Uqpay Technology (SG) Pte. Ltd
  39. YYLife Pte Ltd

Establishment of the SGQR Industry Taskforce

In August 2017, the Payments CouncilMedia Release: MAS Establishes Payments Council established an industry taskforce to develop a set of common payment QR code specifications for e-payments in Singapore. The Council noted the proliferation of more proprietary payment QR codes at merchants risked fragmentation of payment solutions and inefficiency among merchants and consumers.

The SGQR taskforce is co-led by MAS and IMDA, and consists of SGQR members along with other international payment schemes and technology providers.

Below is the list of taskforce participants in addition to SGQR members.

Taskforce Participants
  1. Alldebit Pte Ltd
  2. Cloud Payment Pte Ltd
  3. Discover Financial Services Inc
  4. EZ-Link Pte Ltd
  5. Google Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
  6. iAPPS Pte Ltd
  7. JCB International
  8. Ksher Singapore Pte Ltd
  9. Mastercard Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
  10. Mobile Credit Payment Pte Ltd
  11. New POS Network (S) Pte Ltd
  12. Red Dot Payment Pte Ltd
  13. Singapore Airlines Limited
  14. The Association of Banks in Singapore
  15. UnionPay International South East Asia
  16. Visa Worldwide Pte Ltd
  17. Wirecard Asia Holding Pte Ltd