Green FinTech

Technology and Sustainability are the two key driving forces shaping the future of financial services. Accordingly, MAS has been actively promoting FinTech and Green Finance. The FinTech journey began in 2015 and Singapore is today often cited as one of the leading FinTech hubs in the world.

The Sustainability agenda is more nascent, with the launch of the Green Finance Action Plan in 2019. One of the key strategies is to harness our strengths in FinTech to address the key challenges in the Green Finance space – what we call Green FinTech.

"FinTech in particular has great potential to be a force for good. We can bring together the power of finance and technology, to help create a more inclusive society and a more sustainable planet."

 Ravi Menon, Managing Director, Monetary Authority of Singapore
FinTech for an Inclusive Society and a Sustainable Planet

Project Greenprint

Project Greenprint is a collection of initiatives that aims to harness technology and data to enable a more transparent, trusted and efficient ESG ecosystem to enable green and sustainable finance.

Our Objectives

Project Greenprint Platforms

MAS will partner the industry to pilot four common utility platforms  to address the financial sector's sustainability data needs. These interoperable data platforms will aggregate new and existing sustainability data across multiple sectoral platforms and industry players; and enable sharing of the data across different stakeholders.

Project Greenprint Platforms

  • Common Disclosure Portal: For financial institutions and corporates to make reliable ESG disclosures. The portal will also enable conversion and comparability across different reporting frameworks as required under different jurisdictions and purposes. Companies can also use the portal as an internal ESG monitoring and management tool. 

  • Data Orchestrator: Aggregates sustainability data from multiple data sources - major ESG data providers, utilities providers, the Common Disclosure Portal, and other sectoral platforms, and provides consent-based access to these sources. The platform will enable new data insights to be generated through data analytics to better support investment and financing decisions.

  • ESG Registry: Records and maintains the provenance of ESG certifications and data verified by certification bodies in different sectors, and facilitates trusted data flows between the financial sector and real economy sectors. 
  • Greenprint Marketplace: Connects green technology providers to investors, financial institutions and corporates to facilitate partnerships and investments.