Financial Industry API Register

The Financial Industry API Register aims to serve as the initial landing site for Open APIs available in the Singapore financial industry. It is updated on an ongoing basis as our financial institutions make available their Open APIs. 

The Open APIs are classified into the following main functional categories:

      1. Product APIs (e.g. to provide information on financial product details and exchange rates)

      2. Sales & Marketing APIs (e.g. to handle product sign-ups, sales/cross-sales and leads generation)

      3. Servicing APIs (e.g. to manage customer profile/account details and customer queries/feedback)

      4. Transaction APIs (e.g. to support customer instructions for payments, funds transfers, settlements, clearing, trade confirmations and trading)

    Each functional category is further classified as either:

          1. Transactional (i.e. contains sensitive client data, user/partner authentication required) or

          2. Informational (i.e. contains non-sensitive data, no/minimal authentication required)                   


        MAS APIs are available here.


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