Growing Timber Series

Through these sessions, MAS will share key trends and developments in the financial sector workforce, so that as an industry we know where we are doing well and where we need to do better together.


MAS’ approach to the jobs and skills agenda is to create good jobs, grow the talent pipeline, and support the workforce in training and development so as to build a strong Singaporean core that will anchor and sustain our competitiveness as a financial centre.

Through the Growing Timber series, MAS, together with the Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF), will share key trends and developments in the financial sector workforce, and engender conversations and partnerships on developing our local workforce even as we remain open to complementary expertise and skills from abroad.

We want to:

  • share information on opportunities relating to jobs and skills;
  • hear from the industry’s workers the challenges they face in their professional development;
  • showcase success stories of upskilling and reskilling;
  • learn good human capital practices from experts and from one another; so that …

… together, we can transform Singapore’s financial sector workforce to be among the best globally. 

Recent Event

Webinar: Powering our International Financial Centre with a Globalised Singaporean Workforce

In this 3rd webinar of the Growing Timber series, Dr Tan See Leng, Minster for Manpower, spoke about how a globalised workforce can drive Singapore’s sustained growth as an international financial centre.

3 Sep 2021

“Growing timber is a long-term commitment. So is the jobs and skills effort - creating job opportunities, fostering job readiness, and supporting job retention. The efforts take time to bear fruit. But with persistence and an enterprising spirit, we will create a lush forest: a world-class financial sector workforce ready for the future.”
Mr Ravi Menon, Managing Director, MAS, and Chairman, IBF at “Growing Timber” MAS-IBF Webinar Series on 26 November 2020