Career Fair: Future of Skills 2030 @ SFF x SWITCH Talent Pavilion 2021

The Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF) held a virtual career fair on 8 and 9 Nov 2021. The virtual career fair was held in conjunction with the SFF x SWITCH Talent Pavilion 2021, which brought together various industry stakeholders to build a strong and competent talent pool for the financial industry. A digital space was also curated where thought leaders shared their perspectives and insights on digital transformation and its impact on the workforce and skills of the future. 

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IBF Virtual Career Fair: 8-9 Nov 2021

SFF x SWITCH Talent Pavilion 2021: 8-12 Nov 2021


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 Opening Remarks – IBF Virtual Career Fair (8 – 9 Nov)



The Impact of Digitalisation on the Future of Skills, by Mr Ng Nam Sin, CEO of IBF



 Reimagining the Future of Skills for Financial Services, by Ms Gillian Tan, Assistant Managing Director of MAS