Insurance & Risk Financing

Global hub offering end-to-end risk financing solutions from traditional insurance to alternative capital, supported by advanced technology, and a skilled and professional workforce.


Today, Singapore is already recognised as the leading reinsurance and specialty insurance center in Asia.
Singapore aims to be a global capital for Asian risk transfer, offering a wide spectrum of risk financing solutions including:
    1. retention using captives;
    2. risk transfer to reinsurance and insurance markets;
    3. risk pooling using commercial and sovereign risk pools;
    4. risk transfer to capital markets using alternative risk capital mechanisms, such as insurance linked securitisation.  
With the establishment of the Global-Asia Insurance Partnership (GAIP), Singapore will be a center of excellence in setting the foundation for insurers and the academia to work with public policy makers to create innovative insurance solutions to address systemic structural protection gaps, as well as new and emerging risks.
This is underpinned by a modern and digital marketplace and a future ready and skilled workforce, working in collaboration with insurtech start-ups, academia and international organisations to transform the way risks and capital are connected.

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Key Facts

(Our strategies) mark the metamorphosis of Singapore’s reinsurance industry as we transform from a mainstream traditional reinsurance hub, to a sophisticated full-fledged global capital for Asian risk transfer. 

Regulations & Guidelines

Entities wishing to conduct insurance and insurance broking activities are licensed and governed under the Insurance Act. Find out about the different types of insurance entities and their licensing requirements.

Entities and their representatives who wish to conduct financial advisory activities need to be licensed under the Financial Advisory Act. Find out more about the licensing requirements for these entities.

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