Sustainable Finance

As a champion for sustainable development and an international financial hub, Singapore is well-placed to support a more sustainable economy and catalyse Asia’s net-zero transition.

Our vision is for Singapore to be a leading centre for Green and Sustainable Finance in Asia and globally.
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The financial sector plays such a critical role in the net-zero transition.  We need more funding, not just for new green activities but also for transition activities. This means channelling financing to decarbonise power generation, and other aspects of our economy – be it buildings or transport.  That is the only way the world can achieve net zero by 2050.”

- Mr Lawrence Wong, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, and Deputy Chairman of the Monetary Authority of Singapore
Official launch of the Sustainable and Green Finance Institute (SGFIN)

Transition Credits

High-integrity transition credits can serve as a complementary financing mechanism to accelerate and scale the early retirement of coal-fired power plants (CFPPs).


Taxonomy seeks to provide financial institutions with guidance on how to identify and classify activities that can be considered green or transitioning towards green. 

Regulatory and Supervisory Approach

The financial sector is exposed to environmental and climate-related risks through its financing, insurance and investment activities. MAS is committed to play a leading role to bolster the financial sector’s resilience to environmental risks.

Sustainable Financing Solutions

To support the growth of the green economy in Singapore and Asia, we are developing sustainable solutions with various stakeholders in the financial sector and our international counterparts.

Sustainable Talent Ecosystem

To deepen Singapore’s sustainable finance capabilities, MAS is developing a strong sustainable finance research and talent development ecosystem.

Green FinTech

Technology and Sustainability are two key driving forces shaping the future of financial services.  Understand more about the various initiatives for technology solutions and projects that accelerate the growth of Fintech and Green Finance.

International and Regional Collaborations

To shape the development of sustainable finance in Singapore and the region, MAS is working closely with industry, international and regional counterparts. 

Investment Portfolio

MAS, as Singapore’s central bank, manages the Official Foreign Reserves (OFR). We are integrating climate change considerations into our investment framework to enhance portfolio resilience and support the transition to a low carbon future.

MAS' Operations

MAS is reducing its carbon and environmental footprint to support Singapore’s climate ambitions and commitments.

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