MAS Website Changes

We have redesigned and reorganised the MAS website with input from financial institutions and other users to improve findability and better meet your needs. Some of the changes may take some getting used to if you are a frequent user of the previous site. This is a guide to the main changes that you will find in the new website.

New Features

  • Mobile-friendly so you can browse the website on any smartphone or tablet.
  • Improved website search.  
    • Search by keyword.
    • Use the search filters on the left to narrow your search.
  • Improved overview pages for notices, regulations and publications. View a summary, past amendments, previous versions and related items all on one page.
  • Explainers for selected regulations. They provide the key points of a notice in plain language. We will be adding more over time.
  • Development section with information on support for setting up and growing your business in Singapore. See schemes, initiatives and plans for your business area.


Finding Regulations

In the top navigation menu, select Regulations and click your sector (Banking, Capital Markets, Insurance or Payments).

I want to find…

All Regulations for My Sector
On your sector page (Banking, Capital Markets, Insurance or Payments), scroll to Regulation and Guidance. Click View all regulations.
regulation for sectors
All Notices / Guidelines / Other Content Types

1. On your sector page, under Regulation and Guidance, click your preferred view:

  • View all regulations
  • Browse by Entity Types
  • Browse by Topic
2. On the search listing page, under the Content Type filter, select one or more content types.
All Regulations for My Entity
On the sector page, under Browse by Entity Types, click your entity type.
all regulation based on entity type
Related Items for a Notice/Regulation
If a notice/regulation has related items (guidelines, consultations, FAQs etc.), we have included links on the notice/regulation page. Scroll down the page to the Related to this Item section on a notice/regulation page.
related items
Anti-Money Laundering or Enforcement
On the Regulation page, scroll to Focus Areas and click Anti-Money Laundering or Enforcement.
anti money laundering and enforcement gudie
Past/Cancelled Versions of Notices and Regulations
Past or cancelled versions of regulations are no longer listed as individual items, but consolidated together so you can easily view the current version of the notice as well as previous versions. To read them, navigate to the current notice/regulation and scroll down to Amendment Notes.
past cancelled notices and regulations
Licensing and Entity Types
In Regulation, navigate to your sector page. You can find information on applying for licences and descriptions of entities in the Licensing and Registration section at the top of the page. licensing and entity types
Directories, Registries and Listings

Regulations Search Tips

We’ve categorised our regulations and guidance, and introduced features such as filters to make search more powerful and flexible. You can also search by keywords, notice number or title.

Here are a few tips to get the most out of search:

Use Filters to Narrow Your Search

Filters let you narrow your results so you can view the specific list of items you want. You can filter by:

  • Sector - view all regulations for your sector (Banking, Capital Markets, Insurance, Payments).
  • Entity type - view all regulations that apply to your entity type.
  • Content type - view selected types of regulations e.g. all notices, or all notices and guidelines etc.
  • Topic - browse regulations by a topic area.
  • Date - select a timeframe or enter a custom date range.

use of filters

Look for Your Active Filters Under the Search Bar

If you are not seeing the results you expect, check that the filters you have selected are correct and add or remove them as needed. 

The active filters are listed under the search bar. Removing filters will broaden your search.

filtered by

Use Tags to Explore Topics
We’ve added topic tags so you can browse regulations about a particular subject.

Here are a few ways to browse by topic:

  • On your sector page, scroll to the Regulations and Guidance section and click a topic under Browse by Topic.
  • On the Regulations and Guidance search page, select a topic under the Topics filter on the left.
  • On any notice/regulations page or search result, click a topic tag. The list of related regulations will be displayed.
  • use of tags

Where Is It Now?

Here is a list of some of the main sections that have been reorganised and where to find them on the new site.

Where Can I Find… New Location
 Payment and Settlement Systems  Regulation > Payments
 Money-Changer, Remittance  Regulation > Payments
 Enforcement Actions listing e.g. prohibition orders  Regulation > Enforcement > Enforcement Actions
 Singapore Financial Sector, Project Ubin  Development > FinTech
 Financial Sector Schemes, Setting Up Development
Full list: Schemes and Initiatives
 Skilled Workforce, training grants  Development > Jobs and Skills
 Public Consultations  Publications > Consultations
 Central Bank Operations and Liquidity Management  Monetary Policy > Central Bank Operations and Liquidity Management
 Exchange Rates  Statistics > Browse Statistics > Exchange Rates


Ask a Question or Submit Feedback

We will continue to add new features and improvements over time. If you have any comments or see something amiss, let us know by leaving your feedback in the feedback tab located at the foot of any page.

hotjar feedback feature


Alternatively, you may email your feedback to .