Monetary Policy

MAS conducts monetary policy based on sound economic analysis and careful surveillance. Find out about our monetary policy framework and central bank operations, and access our statements, reports and models.

A Retail CBDC: Economic Considerations in the Singapore Context

MAS assesses the economic case for a retail Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in Singapore and its potential implications for financial stability and monetary policy.


MAS carries out the full range of central banking functions related to formulating and implementing monetary policy. Monetary policy in Singapore is centred on managing the trade-weighted exchange rate with the objective to ensure price stability over the medium term as a basis for sustainable economic growth.

Central Bank Operations

MAS implements monetary policy by undertaking foreign exchange operations to keep the Singapore dollar nominal effective exchange rate within a policy band consistent with ensuring price stability. 

MAS also conducts money market operations to provide sufficient liquidity for a well-functioning banking system and to meet banks' demand for reserve and settlement balances. Details of MAS’ liquidity management framework are set out in this monograph.