MAS SGD Facility for ESG Loans

The MAS SGD Facility for ESG Loans (“Facility”) provides low-cost funding for banks and finance companies to grant loans under Enterprise Singapore’s Enterprise Financing Scheme – SME Working Capital Loan (“EFS-WCL”) and Temporary Bridging Loan Programme (“TBLP”). The EFS-WCL helps Singapore-based small and medium enterprises (“SMEs”) access financing for their operational cash flow needs, while the TBLP provides additional cash flow support for companies in all sectors to meet their working capital needs. Banks and finance companies participating in the EFS-WCL and TBLP can apply for funds at the Facility to support loans made under the EFS-WCL and TBLP until 30 September 2021. The reduction in funding cost will help to lower the interest rates charged to eligible corporate borrowers.

Key Details

Eligible Counterparties  Participating banks and finance companies in the EFS-WCL   and TBLP   administered by Enterprise Singapore (“ESG Loan Schemes”) 
Transaction Type
Collateralised borrowing or Repurchase transaction
Tenor  2-years 
Rate  Fixed rate of 0.1% p.a
Amount  Drawdown allowance for each Eligible Counterparty will be based on the total amount disbursed to local enterprises for loans under the ESG Loan Schemes approved by 30 September 2021, which are not using ESG funds.
Eligible Collateral 
  • Category A1: Singapore Government Securities (“SGS”) Bonds
  • Category A2: Other S$ debt securities issued by any Singapore statutory board and AAA-rated or AA-rated public sector entity, supranational, sovereign, sovereign-guaranteed company or non-financial company
  • Category C: Loans to local enterprises under the ESG Loan Schemes approved by 30 September 2021, which are not using ESG funds
Initial Haircuts  Collateral haircuts will be sent to Eligible Counterparties upon request. 
Application and Settlement Window  Monthly, from April 2020 till September 2021, and two additional windows in January 2022 and April 2022. 
Application Schedule (103.2 KB) (updated as at 23 December 2020)  
Terms and Conditions  Available to Eligible Counterparties upon request.