Letters to Editor
Published Date: 20 October 2005

Response to "No takers for Brunei $10" (Straits Times, 15 Oct 2005)

Dear Editor

I refer to  "No takers for Brunei $10" (15 Oct, ST Forum).

2   Under the Currency Interchangeability Agreement between Brunei and Singapore, Brunei currency is acceptable at par with Singapore dollar. Accordingly, all banks in Singapore are obliged to accept Brunei notes for deposit at par.  Retailers should have no issue depositing Brunei notes with banks in Singapore.

3   MAS works with the Singapore Tourism Board, the Singapore Retailers Association and the Singapore Hotel Association to issue regular reminders to retailers and hotels to accept Brunei notes. Information on all Brunei currency is also available on MAS' website (www.mas.gov.sg).

4   Mr Teo can contact M Silvarajoo (tel: 63494660, email: muthusamy@mas.gov.sg ) to provide details on the shops where he had difficulty using his Brunei notes. MAS will contact the respective retailers to assure them of the acceptability of the Brunei notes. 

Yours sincerely,

Angelina Fernandez
Director (Communications)