Letters to Editor
Published Date: 26 January 2007

Response to "Make it easier to invest in government bonds" (ST Forum, 19 January 2007)

Dear Editor

1   I refer to 'Make it easier to invest in government bonds' (ST Forum, 19 January 2007).

2   The Monetary Authority (MAS) would like to see further development of the Singapore Government Securities (SGS) retail market.

3   We have taken several steps to facilitate this.  To raise the awareness and understanding among retail investors, we developed the SGS website (www.sgs.gov.sg ) to provide background information and historical data on SGS.   Information is also available on the MoneySENSE website (www.moneysense.gov.sg ). 

4   We recognise that retail investors' access to the primary and secondary SGS market may be viewed as costly or cumbersome.  While e-platforms that improve the distribution channels into SGS secondary markets have emerged, MAS is also exploring other initiatives to make purchasing and holding of SGS more convenient for retail investors.

Angelina Fernandez
Director (Communications)