Letters to Editor
Published Date: 04 December 2017

Response to “Will physical receipts be issued for payments made via e-payments?” - Lianhe Zaobao, 25 November 2017

Dear Editor,

We thank Mr Zhou Quansheng for his feedback and support for the SG QR initiative. (“Will physical receipts be issued for payments made via e-payments?”, Lianhe Zaobao, 25 November 2017).

Mr Zhou asked if merchants would still be able to provide receipts if payments are made via e-payments. Customers can still receive physical receipts regardless of the payment mode used.  In addition, customers making QR code payments through their mobile phone apps will receive confirmation of their purchase amount through their mobile phones. 

Jerome Lee (Mr)
Director (Corporate Communications)
Monetary Authority of Singapore

Karen Low (Ms)
Director, Communications and Marketing
Infocomm Media Development Authority