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Published Date: 01 February 2001

MAS-ESS Essay Competition 2001

The inaugural MAS-ESS Essay Competition 2001 was held last year on the theme of East Asia in the New Economy: Opportunities and Challenges. The prize-winners are as follows:

Student Category

First Prize Essay (41.7 KB) : ($3,000)Samuel Gan Weiyang (Hwa Chong Junior College)
Second Prize Essay (114.8 KB) :
Abdullah Luqman Bin Hussin (Temasek Junior College)
Third Prize Essay (30.2 KB) :
Melvin Koh (Hwa Chong Junior College)

Open Category

First Prize Essay (52.8 KB) :
Donghyun Park (NTU)
Second Prize Essay (69.6 KB) :
Edwin Heng Mok Han (Singapore Exchange Ltd)
Third Prize Essay (68 KB) :
Colin Toh (currently with MAS)