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Published Date: 04 August 2005

Distinguished Economists and Senior Regional Central Bankers to Speak at MAS Sponsored Monetary Policy Forum


Singapore, 4 August 2005...Senior central bankers from Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore will share views on monetary policy issues at the Monetary Policy Forum, which is part of the Singapore Economic Review Conference1.  The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is co-sponsoring the Forum with Deutsche Bank, in support of greater dialogue on key economic policy issues among academics and policymakers.

2   The Monetary Policy Forum tomorrow will see a stimulating debate and discussion on key monetary policy issues.  Professor Edward Prescott, 2004 Nobel Laureate in Economics, will deliver the keynote address at the Conference tomorrow, on the topic - Monetary Policy and the Value of the Dollar. Other renowned academics who have made important contributions to exchange rate and monetary economics will also participate in the Forum.  They include Professor Bennett McCallum (Carnegie Mellon University), Professor Ronald McKinnon (Stanford University), Professor Stephen Grenville (Australian National University), Dr Mark Spiegel (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco), Professor Basant Kapur (National University of Singapore).

3   Professor Prescott will call on MAS' Managing Director, Mr Heng Swee Keat, and senior management today.  He will exchange views with MAS economists on Singapore's monetary policy framework and other macroeconomic issues.


1  The Singapore Economic Review Conference is organised to mark the 50th year of the Review's publication, and in conjunction with the National University of Singapore's Centennial celebrations. The conference will be held over three days from today until Saturday. For more information on the conference and daily programmes, please visit