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Published Date: 28 May 2006

MAS Launches the 2006 Heritage Orchids of Singapore Coin set

Singapore, 28 May 2006...The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) today launched the 2006 Heritage Orchids of Singapore Coin Set. The Coin Set pays tribute to one of Singapore's national treasures.

2   The Orchid has also played a significant role as an ambassador of Singapore. It has been a long standing tradition of the Singapore Botanic Gardens to present and name new orchids to honour State dignitaries and VIPs, which promotes goodwill with other nations.

3   Singapore is one of ASEAN's top producers and exporters of top quality orchid flowers, with approximately 15% share of the world market in orchids.  In 2004, Singapore exported S$29.08 million orchid cut-flowers world-wide.

Coin Design

4   The 2006 Heritage Orchids of Singapore Coin Set consists of two coins featuring the beautiful hybrid orchids of Vanda Tan Chay Yan and Aranda Majula.

(i) Vanda Tan Chay Yan -
This peach-coloured hybrid was awarded a First Class Certificate (FCC) - the highest award given by the Royal Horticultural Society of the UK at the Chelsea Flower Show in England in 1954.  It is considered one of the most outstanding hybrids produced in Singapore and has established Singapore firmly on the world orchid map.  This timeless beauty is named after the rubber plantation merchant and philanthropist, Tan Chay Yan, the grandson of philanthropist Tan Tock Seng.

(ii) Aranda Majula -
A fine and fragrant flower with strong colours and good substance, this hybrid was awarded the High Commendation Certificate in 1973 by the Orchid Society of South East Asia for the cultivar 'Rimau', which is Malay for Tiger.  In 1993, it won a White Ribbon at the 14th World Orchid Conference in Glasgow.  Majula means "Let's prosper in Malay.

5   The obverse of the coins bears the Singapore Arms with the year-date 2006.

Limited Worldwide Mintage

6   The coins are issued in a premium set on Sunday, 28 May 2006.  The details of the coin set are:

a) 2-in-1 $5 Silver Proof Coin Set
2 pieces of 999 fine silver coins with colour application.  Each coin weighs 20.00 grams and has a diameter of 38.70 mm.  Mintage of 8,000 sets only.  Issue price:  $ 133.00 per set (GST inclusive).

b) 2-in-1 ez-link Card Set
2 pieces of ez-link cards featuring the 2 orchid species.  Mintage:  3,000 sets.  Issue price:  $38 per set (GST inclusive).

c) 2-in-1 $5 Silver Proof Coins and ez-link Card Set
2 pieces of 999 fine silver coins with colour application and 2 ez-link cards. Mintage:  1,000 sets.  Issue price:  $178 per set (GST inclusive).

Sale of Coins

7   The coins will only be sold by The Singapore Mint.

8   Order forms can be obtained from the Singapore Mint's retail shops at:

  • The Singapore Mint Coin Gallery
    20 Teban Gardens Crescent, Singapore 608928
    Tel :  6566 2626
  • Coin City, Starhub Centre
    51 Cuppage Road #01-07, Singapore 229469
    Tel :  6339 0886

9   Orders can also be placed via the Internet at

10   For priority allocation, orders must reach The Singapore Mint by 18 June   2006.  Order forms can be sent to the above outlets or faxed to The Singapore Mint at 6565 2626 or 6567 2626.  For enquiries, you can contact The Singapore Mint at Tel: 6566 2626 / 6895 0386 / 6895 0383 during office hours.



2006 Heritage Orchids of Singapore Coin Set

2006 Heritage Orchids of Singapore
ez-link Card Set