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Published Date: 23 April 2007

MAS Issues Monograph on Supervisory Framework for Financial Institutions

Singapore, 23 April 2007...The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has issued a monograph on its supervision of financial institutions.  The "MAS’ Framework for Impact and Risk Assessment of Financial Institutions" aims to provide greater clarity of how MAS assesses the risk of financial institutions and develops appropriate supervisory plans.

2   The monograph builds on the earlier “Objectives and Principles of Financial Supervision in Singapore” by articulating MAS’ risk assessment system, the Common Risk Assessment Framework and Techniques (CRAFT).  CRAFT is the tool by which MAS assesses the risks and controls of financial institutions.  How well institutions manage their risks is an important factor determining the appropriate supervisory strategies and level of supervisory intensity.

3   The monograph highlights the following:

• The aim of MAS’ risk-based supervision is to foster the safety and soundness of financial institutions and to promote transparency and fair dealing by financial institutions in relation to their customers and counterparties, contributing to the maintenance of a stable financial system.

• In seeking to meet its supervisory objectives, MAS does not aim to prevent all failures.  Through an impact and risk model, MAS varies and calibrates the supervisory attention paid to a financial institution according to its potential to affect the achievement of MAS’ supervisory objectives.

• MAS’ approach to supervision requires MAS, financial institutions and stakeholders to work closely together.  

• The board and senior management play the central role for proactive oversight and governance of a financial institution’s activities.  MAS looks to the board and senior management to address issues of supervisory concern and supports the efforts of the institution to maintain an environment of sound risk management and internal processes commensurate with the institution’s business activities and their risks.

4   Ms Teo Swee Lian, Deputy Managing Director (Prudential Supervision) said “This monograph explains the framework and processes that underpin our risk-focused approach to supervision. We hope that by bringing greater transparency to the supervisory process, our regulated institutions and other stakeholders will better understand our objectives and the role they play in achieving our desired outcomes.”

5   The monograph on "MAS’ Framework for Impact and Risk Assessment of Financial Institutions (80.8 KB)" is available on MAS’ website.