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Published Date: 17 September 2008

Comments by MAS Spokesperson on Lehman Brothers Minibond Programme

Comments by MAS Spokesperson on Lehman Brothers Minibond Programme:

"MAS has received queries from the public on structured notes arranged by Lehman Brothers under its Minibond programme.

MAS has been in contact with the Trustee for the notes, HSBC Institutional Trust Services (Singapore) Ltd. The Trustee has the power to enforce the rights of the noteholders.

The Trustee has announced that in its capacity as trustee, it is  focused on safeguarding the interests of the investors and is engaging legal counsel to explore all options available.  Noteholders under the Minibond programme should wait for further updates from the Trustee. 

Noteholders who have queries on their investments in other structured notes programmes should contact either the financial institution (FI) where they purchased the product or the trustee.

Many FIs have taken steps to address their customers' queries about their investments.  We encourage all FIs to continue to proactively do so given current volatility in financial markets."