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Published Date: 11 October 2008

MONEYSENSE-CPF-NTUC Collaboration To Bring Financial Education To Workers


Singapore, 11 October 2008...MoneySENSE, CPF and NTUC announced today a new partnership to bring financial education programmes to NTUC members and the working population over the next two years. The tripartite collaboration aims to equip workers with the necessary knowledge and skills to become more self-reliant in managing their financial affairs and plan for their longer term needs.

2   The partnership complements the current initiatives of NTUC on employability and retraining. NTUC has been committed in developing initiatives and measures to help the working population earn a better living and live a better life. The financial education collaboration will be a value-added initiative by NTUC to help workers be more independent in managing their financial well-being, by equipping workers with basic skills and knowledge to enable them to better manage their incomes.

3   The collaboration will adopt a three-pronged approach:

  • Create awareness and generate interest amongst workers to find out more about personal finance matters via a public seminar-cum-launch event on 11th October 2008;
  • Implement a sustained approach to deliver messages and tips on financial prudence to workers via NTUC’s website; and
  • Arrange customised programmes to provide more in-depth learning for workers

4   The public seminar-cum launch event on 11th October will also see the launch of IM$avvy, which is a one-stop financial education portal for working adults. This portal is an initiative of CPF Board, and supported by MoneySENSE. Some key features of IM$avvy include a quiz for workers to find out how well they are rated in their knowledge and management of personal finances, and receive tips on the areas of improvement. (Please refer to Annex 1 on IM$avvy).

5   A series of programmes for different segments of the working population has also been planned for 2008 till 2010. These segments will include working adults, women, families and matured workers. (Please refer to Annex 2 on the series of upcoming programmes).

1. Factsheet on IM$avvy (110.2 KB) 
2. Factsheet on MoneySENSE-CPF-NTUC financial education collaboration (87.6 KB) 
3. Factsheet on MoneySENSE (105.5 KB)