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Published Date: 30 January 2010

MAS Launches The "50 Years of Public Housing" Commemorative Coin


Singapore, 30 January 2010...The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) today launched the “50 Years of Public Housing” Commemorative Coins. 

Coin Design

2   The design reflects the transition of Singapore's housing landscape over the past 50 years, from slums and squatter housing to high-rise living in vibrant and sustainable towns. The backdrop features three residential blocks, one in stylised rendition to symbolize the future.   At the foreground are four children from the main ethnic races, representing racial harmony.  The celebratory mood is conveyed through the use of vibrant colours and stylised fireworks.

3   The obverse of the coin bears the Singapore Arms with the year-date 2010.

Limited Worldwide Authorised Mintage

4   The coins will be issued on Monday, 1 February 2010.  The details of the coins are:

a) $50 Gold Proof Coin
1/4oz of 999.9 fine gold. Limited Mintage of 300 pieces.

b) $5 Silver Proof Coin
20 grams of 999 fine silver with colour application. Mintage of 8,000 pieces.

c) $5 Cupro-Nickel Proof-Like Coin
Proof-like condition with selective colour application. Mintage of 5,000 pieces.

Sale of Coins

5   The coins will be sold by The Singapore Mint.  For enquiries and coin orders, the public can contact The Singapore Mint at 6566 2626 / 6339 0886 / 6895 0288 / 6895 0358,or via internet at .


Gold Proof Coin


Silver Proof Coin


Cupro-Nickel Proof-Like Colour Coin