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Published Date: 13 July 2011

MAS Launches the Singapore 46 Years of Independence Commemorative Coins


Singapore, 13 July 2011…The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) today launched the Singapore 46 years of Independence Commemorative Coins.

Coin Design

2   The coin design draws inspiration from the 2011 National Day Parade (NDP) theme, ‘Majulah! The Singapore Spirit’. The official NDP 2011 logo is at the upper centre of the coin, while a mosaic formation of Singapore’s coastline by performers holding coloured cards on the floating platform occupies the bottom half of the coin. “The Singapore Spirit” tagline for the 2011 NDP theme runs across the mosaic formation. The diversity of people celebrating is depicted through human silhouettes at the centre of the coin. The newly opened Helix Bridge and the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre are also incorporated in the design to portray the NDP venue surroundings.

3   The Silver Proof coin comes in a unique octagonal shape, the first of its kind in Singapore.

4   The obverse of the coin bears the Singapore Arms with the year-date 2011.

Limited Worldwide Mintage

5   The coins will be issued on Wednesday, 27 July 2011. The details of the coins are as follows:

a. $5 Silver Proof Coin
31.10 grams of 999 fine silver with full colour application.  Coin across corner size of 40.70mm.  Mintage of 5,000 pieces.

b. $2 Cupro-Nickel Proof-Like Coin
Proof-like condition with selective colour application. Coin diameter of 38.70mm.  Mintage of 6,000 pieces.

c. 2-in-1 Coin Set
The premium set with a limited mintage of 2011 sets comprises a $5 Silver Proof Coin and a $2 Cupro-Nickel Proof-Like Coin.  The coins in this set form part of the mintage for the individual coins.

Sale of Coins

6   The coins will be sold by The Singapore Mint.  For enquiries and coin orders, the public can contact The Singapore Mint at 6566 2626 / 6222 2486 / 6238 9890 / 6895 0288 / 6895 0358, or .

                                   (a) $5 Silver Proof Coin         (b) $2 Cupro-Nickel Proof-Like Coin         (c) 2-in-1 Coin Set