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Published Date: 09 February 2012

Professor Michael Brennan appointed MAS Term Professor in Economics and Finance at the NUS


Singapore, 09 February 2012...Professor Michael Brennan, Emeritus Professor of Finance from the Anderson Graduate School of Management, UCLA, has been appointed MAS Term Professor in Economics and Finance.

2   Professor Brennan was formerly president of the American Finance Association.  He has served as editor of the Journal of Finance and was the founding editor of the Review of Financial Studies.  His research interests include asset pricing, corporate finance, the pricing and role of derivative securities, market microstructure, and the role of information in capital markets, and he has published extensively in these areas.

3   Over the term of the Professorship, Professor Brennan will interact with senior management and staff at MAS.  At NUS, he will be advising faculty and students of the NUS Business School and the Department of Economics on ongoing research issues in asset pricing, portfolio management and liquidity in financial markets, and deliver a public lecture at the NUS Business School on 15 Feb 2012 on “Asymmetry in the Pricing of (Il)liquidity”.  

4   Mr Ong Chong Tee, Deputy Managing Director, MAS, welcomed the appointment.  "We are delighted to have Prof Brennan here in Singapore. Prof Brennan's perspectives and insights on financial market developments will be most relevant during this period of heightened global market stress given his extensive research on these issues," said Mr Ong.

5   Professor Tan Eng Chye, NUS Deputy President (Academic Affairs) and Provost, said, "We are pleased to welcome Professor Michael Brennan as the MAS Term Professor at the National University of Singapore. Professor Brennan is a highly respected senior academic in finance who is known to be generous with sharing his expertise with faculty, and it is a great honour to have him visit NUS.  The appointment of Prof Brennan will certainly contribute towards the advancement of knowledge at the university.”

6   The Professorship Programme will help strengthen Singapore's financial and economic research infrastructure and contribute to a vibrant research community and culture at local universities.


About MAS Term Professorship

The MAS Term Professorship was established in 2009 by the Monetary Authority of Singapore at the National University of Singapore to strengthen research in Economics and Finance, and to enhance collaboration between academia, industry and the public sector. The inaugural MAS Term Professor was Barry Eichengreen, the George C. Pardee and Helen N. Pardee Professor of Economics and Professor of Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley, in 2010.  He was followed by Nobel Laureate Michael Spence, the William R. Berkley Professor at the Leonard K. Stern School of Business, New York University, in 2011.