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Published Date: 07 January 2014

Going Green: "Good-as-New" $2 Notes for "Hong Bao" for a Second Year

Singapore, 7 January, 2014… The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announced today that it will issue "good-as-new" $2 notes, along with brand new ones, for the coming Lunar New Year.  The "good-as-new" $2 notes are clean and crisp notes which were retrieved immediately after the previous Lunar New Year.

2   This Go Green initiative was launched last year and well-received by the public.  To generate greater awareness, a Facebook page on this initiative has been set up, and additional posters will be displayed at high traffic locations such as bus terminals and community clubs.  The initiative is supported by the Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS) and the Environmental Challenge Organisation (ECO Singapore).

3   Mr Andrew Khoo, Deputy Managing Director, MAS, said, "Last year, 11% of $2 notes issued for the Lunar New Year were 'good-as-new' notes.  The energy saved from not printing as many new notes could power 100 households for one month.  We hope demand for ‘good-as-new’ $2 notes will be higher this year."

4   "ABS continues to support this meaningful initiative.  Our participating retail banks will actively promote the use of these notes at their branches, ATMs and websites," said Mrs Ong-Ang Ai Boon, ABS Director.

5   "We are pleased to work with MAS on this initiative for the second year running.  The public responded positively last year and we will continue to encourage more participation this year," said Mr Wilson Ang, President, ECO Singapore.

6   Both the brand new and "good-as-new" $2 notes will be available at participating retail banks in Singapore from 13 January 2014.  Please visit the Facebook page at "Ask for Good-as-New Notes" ( ) to find out more about this Go Green initiative.