Media Releases
Published Date: 03 December 2015

More SG50 notes and folders available, collection period for folders extended


Singapore, 2 December 2015… The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announced today that the quotas on SG50 notes that may be exchanged and SG50 notes folders that may be collected would be lifted. The collection period for the complimentary notes folders would also be extended to the end of the year.

2    MAS will lift the quota on the quantity of SG50 notes that can be exchanged per transaction at participating banks, with effect from 3 December 2015. Singaporeans who exchange for SG50 notes may also request for additional folders to keep their notes. This is in response to feedback that Singaporeans are keen to exchange more SG50 notes to be given away as gifts during the upcoming festive season.

3    The collection period for the two complimentary SG50 notes folders that each Singaporean household is eligible for will be extended to end December 2015. The extended period will also apply to the exchange of the original folders. However, the collection and exchange will be available only at 16 designated Community Centres/Clubs (CCs) with effect from 7 December 2015 (Please see full list at ANNEX). The public can still collect and exchange the folders at the 108 CCs from now till 6 December 2015. The collection time at the CCs remains between 2.00 pm and 9.30 pm daily. This will allow Singaporeans who were not able to meet the collection and exchange deadline of 30 November to collect the folders.

4    Singaporeans who had earlier exchanged more SG50 notes than the two folders could hold, will be able to collect additional folders at the CCs, with effect from 3 December 2015. This is in response to feedback from Singaporeans who wanted to have additional notes folders to keep all the SG50 notes they had exchanged for earlier. To facilitate the collection of folders, Singaporeans only need to present their NRICs at the CCs for the additional folders. Issuance of additional folders at the CCs and banks will be subjected to stock availability.