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Published Date: 11 November 2016

MAS Launches First Set of Data APIs

Singapore, 11 November 2016... The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) today announced that it is publishing 12 sets of data from MAS’ Monthly Statistical Bulletin as Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) on the MAS website. These include frequently accessed datasets on exchange rates and interest rates.

2   MAS’ APIs provide financial institutions and application service providers more opportunities to serve their customers better. For example, financial institutions that use MAS’ data to benchmark themselves against the industry, can use these APIs to minimise costly manual data entry; application service providers can create applications to compute exchange rates to help companies file tax returns. Users can also automate the extraction of MAS’ data and illustrate trends easily and quickly with these APIs.

3   Mr Lawrence Ang, Executive Director of Information Technology Department at MAS, said, “MAS has been encouraging financial industry players to publish open APIs on their datasets, to allow users to connect information and offer innovative solutions. MAS is leading by example through the launch of these 12 APIs. MAS will progressively publish more datasets as APIs in the coming months.”

4   The full list of APIs is available on the MAS website at