Empowering the Consumer

MAS’ MoneySense launched a series of public initiatives to bring financial knowledge to the man-in-the street


The Institute for Financial Literacy, MoneySense’s main ground outreach arm, have started “train-the-trainer” programmes to cultivate financial literacy champions at workplaces. One-on-one Financial Health Clinics, where the public can consult industry volunteers on improving their financial well-being were also deployed more pervasively.

MAS’ MoneySense ramped up online content to help the public improve their financial well-being


Building on a silver at the Marketing Events Awards 2019 for a successful public awareness campaign on the importance of carrying out Financial Health Checks periodically, MoneySense ramped up content and targeted marketing on digital platforms to help the public take steps to improve their financial well-being. More than 22,000 completed an online assessment tool in three months.

MAS’ MoneySense expanded outreach to young adults

30 July 2019

MAS held the MyMoney@Campus series in ITEs Colleges for the first time in 2019. The roadshows covered topics such as investing and personal finance, and went in tandem with financial education curriculum being rolled out to all first-year ITE students.

MyMoney Series celebrated the 10th Anniversary of its public investment seminars

16 November 2019

At the event attended by more than 900 people, Deputy Managing Director (Financial Supervision) Ong Chong Tee delivered a speech outlining three ways to strengthen trust in Singapore’s capital market.