Published Date: 01 March 2019

Consultation Paper on Proposed Revisions to Business Continuity Management Guidelines

MAS consulted the public on proposed revisions to our Guidelines on Business Continuity Management (BCM) issued in 2003. The revised guidelines will also encompass the guidance on pandemic and physical security measures in our 2006 circular to FIs. The latest updates seek to address developments in the evolving threat landscape, such as in the areas of cyber-attacks and terrorism, and guide FIs on the best practices to maintain their business continuity and resilience against disruptive events. Following the review, MAS published a set of revised guidelines in June 2022.

Start Date:
07 March 2019
Closing Date:
08 April 2019
MAS Response Date:
15 October 2021
Response date: 15 Oct 2021
The consultation response was published on 15 October 2021.