Published Date: 18 November 2021

Consultation Paper on Proposed Amendments to Notices on Residential Property Loans Fact Sheet

MAS is proposing amendments to the MAS Notices 632A, 1106A, 825A and 115A (collectively, the Fact Sheet or FS Notices) to enhance financial institutions’ (FIs) disclosures on interest rate changes as well as alternative arrangements that FIs will provide to borrowers should they make unexpected interest rate changes after borrowers have committed to a property loan. This will help borrowers make informed decisions before committing to a property loan.


MAS is also proposing amendments to the FS Notices to facilitate the process for FIs to obtain acknowledgements from borrowers on the Fact Sheet digitally (e.g. through electronic signatures) or from an authorised joint-borrower on behalf of other borrowers. MAS will also be making administrative amendments to the Fact Sheet to make reference to loan packages pegged to the Singapore Overnight Rate Average which FIs have started to offer.

Consultation Number:
Start Date:
18 November 2021
Closing Date:
14 January 2022
MAS Response Date:
14 December 2022
Response date: 14 Dec 2022
The consultation response was published on 14 December 2022.