Published Date: 02 November 2022

Consultation Paper on Roadmap to Terminate the SGD Cheque Truncation System – Eliminating Corporate Cheques by 2025

This consultation paper seeks views on proposed initiatives to:
(i) eliminate centrally cleared cheques used by corporates by 2025; and
(ii) assist and encourage remaining users of centrally cleared cheques (including individuals) that are able to switch to alternative payment methods to do so.

These initiatives form part of a roadmap to terminate the SGD cheque truncation system in the medium term.

Consultation Number:
P011 - 2022
Start Date:
02 November 2022
Closing Date:
13 December 2022
MAS Response Date:
28 July 2023
Response date: 28 Jul 2023
The consultation response was published on 28 July 2023.