Published Date: 16 November 2023

Consultation Paper on the Notice Relating to FI-FI Information Sharing for AML/CFT

This consultation paper seeks views on a proposed notice that sets out MAS’ further requirements relating to the sharing of information through the FI-FI information sharing platform for AML/CFT, known as COSMIC, which stands for “Collaborative Sharing of Money Laundering/Terrorism Financing (ML/TF) Information & Cases”. MAS also seeks views on amendments to the MAS Notice 626 (“MAS 626”) to clarify the relationship and interaction between certain consulted requirements and existing AML/CFT requirements in MAS 626.

MAS invites comments from industry stakeholders and members of the public on the proposals set out in the consultation paper.

Consultation Number:
Start Date:
16 November 2023
Closing Date:
15 December 2023
MAS Response Date:
28 March 2024
Response date: 28 Mar 2024
The consultation response was published on 28 March 2024.