Published Date: 08 May 2023

Consultation Paper on Proposed Amendments to Payment Services Regulations 2019, Notices issued under the Payment Services Act 2019 or MAS Act, and Proposed New Regulations on Exemptions for a Specified Period

MAS has proposed amendments to the Payment Services Regulations 2019 and existing notices applicable to payment service providers, as well as new proposed regulations on exemptions for a specified period. MAS invites feedback from any interested parties on these proposed amendments, which will operationalise the amendments made to the Payment Services Act 2019, after the passing of the Payment Services (Amendment) Bill in January 2021.
Consultation Number:
Start Date:
08 May 2023
Closing Date:
08 June 2023
MAS Response Date:
02 April 2024
Response date: 02 Apr 2024
The consultation response was published on 02 April 2024.