Macroeconomic Reviews
Published Date: 28 October 2008

Macroeconomic Review Volume VII Issue 2, Oct 2008


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Monetary Policy Statement

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Chapter 1 Macroeconomic Developments
    Box A: The Phillips Curve Revisited
    Box B: Review of MAS' Money Market Operations in FY2007/08

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Chapter 2 Wage-Price Dynamics  
    Box C: Recent Trends in Singapore's Resident Labour Force Participation Rate

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Chapter 3 Outlook  
    Box D: Market Share Analysis of Regional Manufacturing Export

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Special Feature A: 
    An Empirical Analysis of Exchange Rate Pass-through in Singapore 

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Special Feature B: 
    Analysing Oil Price Shocks and their Impact on the Singapore Economy  

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Special Feature C:
    Economic Benefits from International Cooperation on the Environment 

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Statistical Appendix 

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Selected Publications

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