Macroeconomic Reviews
Published Date: 29 April 2014

Macroeconomic Review Volume XIII Issue 1, Apr 2014

Contents, Preface and Highlights

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Monetary Policy Statement

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Chapter 1 Macroeconomic Developments
     Box A: Integration as a Source of Resilience: An Analysis of Trade Linkages in ASEAN

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Chapter 2 Wage-Price Dynamics
Box B: Prices of Three Global Brands across Locations: A Case Study Approach

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Chapter 3 Outlook

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Special Feature A: 
    Global Productivity Trends

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Special Feature B:  
    International Financial Flows and Domestic Credit Conditions 

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Special Feature C: 
    Where are Countries Positioned along Global Production Lines?

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Statistical Appendix and Selected Publications

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Presentation Slides for Briefing 

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