Macroeconomic Reviews
Published Date: 27 October 2015

Macroeconomic Review Volume XIV Issue 2, Oct 2015

Contents and Preface

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Monetary Policy Statement

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Chapter 1 The International Economy

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Chapter 2 The Singapore Economy
Box A: Housing and Business Cycles in Singapore
  Box B: Singapore’s Export Elasticities: 
            The Role Of Global Value Chains And Economic Complexity

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Chapter 3 Labour Market and Inflation

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Chapter 4 Macroeconomic Policy
Box C: Review of MAS Money Market Operations in FY2014/15

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Special Feature A: 
    The Impact of Foreign Demand Shocks on the Singapore Economy:
    A Disaggregated Analysis

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Special Feature B:  
    Monetary and Macroprudential Polices:
    Their Roles in Promoting Sustained Growth 

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Special Feature C: 
    A Brief Survey of Density Forecasting in Macroeconomics

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Statistical Appendix

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Presentation Slides for Briefing 

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