Staff Papers
Published Date: 01 September 2002

Assessing Singapore's Export Competitiveness Through Dynamic Shift-Share Analysis.

MAS Occasional Paper No. 23, September 2002 - By Ting Su Chern, Tu Suh Ping, Edward Robinson, Peter Wilson and Ho Shih Chuan


This paper uses dynamic shift-share analysis to examine Singapore's export performance in electronics and chemicals in the export markets of US, EU and Japan over the period 1988 to 2001.  It compares Singapore's export competitive position against that of China, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia and Taiwan.  The analysis identifies 1996 as the turning point, at which Singapore's net positive gains in electronics exports switched to losses vis-୶is the reference economies.  The paper however recognises Singapore's evolving role, from exporting final electronics products to the developed markets, to supplying higher-end intermediate electronics components to support assembly-type operations in the other East Asian economies.  Chemicals has also emerged as a new source of growth within the manufacturing sector, while various government initiatives have been directed at supporting the development of services exports, including info-communication services, healthcare, education, tourism and financial services.